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Support for Self Publishing

Specialists in producing PDF for POD (Publish on Demand) and eBooks (Kindle, Mobi, Kobi, ePub).

Support for Self Publishing authors, mostly friends and relatives of the Corvids running this site.

Any Author approved on our own list of authors can have their own subdomain, such as


The Legal Talent, 1st August 2019

The Fay Child, 8th August 2019

Artists and Rooks, 19th September 2019

See Ray’s Blog

Exiles and Rooks, Autumn 2018

Exiles and Rooks is out. See here on Ray’s Blog.

Last 2017 title? Exiles and Rooks

Absolutely complete and in preparation for publishing!

Will be published in 2017, probably early December. Sorry it will be in 2018 due to overrun on other projects and some late beta reader feedback.

See Ray’s blog that now has comments enabled.

Featured Books for May & June 2017

On 19th May 2017 Hero Genesis, #4 of Celtic Otherworld, but with a sideways shift at the start. Also on most other retailers.

Then on 23rd June, No Silver Lining, #5 of Celtic Otherworld set slightly in the future (months or years) when we are more dependant on Cloud Computing. Sample may have some “typos”. Final version will be uploaded by 10th June 2017. Also other retailers.

Featured Books for February & March 2017

The Master’s Talent Smashwords | Amazon USA

Wolf, Wizard, Fire, Golem (Fabled Hearts Book 1) Smashwords | Amazon USA


Featured Books for May & June 2016

The Apprentice’s Talent Smashwords | Amazon USA
Starship Chief
The Journeyman’s Talent
All “Talent Universe” stories by Ray McCarthy.
Also on Kobo, Apple ibooks, Overdrive, Flipcart, Barnes & Noble, CreateSpace and others.

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Contacting Us

Why no address, phone number? Because we don’t sell anything to the public. We are an electronic Press, rather than a Publisher and the formatting we offer can be done cheaply and easily by anyone that knows how to use the tools. Most writers are not experts in IT or formatting and would rather spend time writing. Self publishing is really self marketing. Traditional publishers are really marketing companies, few do their own printing, traditionally a Press. Volume paper printing is now mostly China and Eastern Europe. For small numbers of paper copies it’s best value to use Createspace or similar.

Authors that want our help with formatting and eBook production can contact us.

All offers of SEO or any other attempt at selling us stuff is junked. Corvids are smart, so no spam.