The Trader’s Isle series is set in mediaeval like world without ‘Black Powder’. The massive world wars and loss of much technology a thousand years earlier was bad, but the rise of the Sorcerers called the Silver Wolf Heads using the Arinopean Barons as puppet leaders was a disaster for the Isle of Amrat and the people curiously called Traveller Folk, even though they are not nomadic.

The painting is a detail from Le Jardin de Maubuisson by Camille Pissarro (1830-1903).

The Seven Talismans

Trader’s Isle I

Jorath is hardly adult but hopes to find the Talismans of the High Lords. They must do something to fight the people that want to eradicate their tribe.


Release 25th December 2019
The cover is based on ‘Pauvre Fauvette’ (1881) by Jules Bastien-Lepage.

The White Fire Stones

Trader’s Isle II

Amrat is free but needs trade deals for protection from Arinopa and to earn hard cash.
What exactly are the White Fire Stones and can they help to fight the Silver Wolves, the humans that have sold their souls in Arinopa?.

First draft almost complete.
The cover is based on a detail of Hardanger fjord by Hans Gude (d. 1903).

Other books

There are several other books planned for this series.