Celtic Otherworld III

Megra must decide how to deal with Morien, who is Fay, so she contacts Queen Oonagh of the Aés Sidhe for help by throwing a Ball. Alice (Eilis) decides it’s time to do more matchmaking. Alice (Eilis) meets her adoptive grandmother (Queen Oonagh) and makes some friends in the Otherworld of the true Elves. Alice gets to show off some warrior training that Neamhain formerly of the Morrígna has taught her. She figures how to stop Kevin having a crush on her.

Morien is an older less known name of Morgan le Fay. In the oldest stories she has no relationship to Arthur and is a “good” Fay queen and healer on Avalon (Isle of Apples).

The cover is edited from “Morgan Le Fay” by Frederick Sandys.

This is the corrected Spring 2024 edition.

About 88,350 words.

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