No Silver Lining
Celtic Otherworld V

Urban fantasy mostly in Limerick. Alice/Eilis joins the four English teenagers going to the University of Limerick, but senses a Horseman of the Apocalypse. Kate finds that Eilis is a strange friend with many surprises.

The sequel to Hero Genesis, though the books can be read as pair or even on their own. The first three books of the Celtic Otherworld series are a trilogy covering Alice’s magical development for her most critical three years.

“If an in-house system fails, only one bank, or one retailer or one supplier is affected,” insisted Louise. “If everything is outsourced to the Cloud, even if it’s a hundred times more reliable it’s an apocalyptically bad event because you lose everything at once. There are too few cloud providers, who are too similar and too big.”

© 2017 & 2021 by Ray McCarthy

The cover is based on a detail of Apocalypse by Vasnetsov.

Released 2017, typos corrected March 2021

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