For maximum compatibility and reliability we recommend that you interchange using MS type docx format. MS Word, Open Office and LibreOffice can be used. Many other programs can save in this format too.

You will have your “Master document”. It can be in any word-processor you wish that can Save As in the format above. It can even be a separate file per section or chapter. The layout and format should suit for easy editing, not distribution.

Other Formats

  1. Exchange with an Editor or Proof Reader. Probably your native editing format and layout, but use the file format above, unless they demand something different. Save any returned versions with an incremented version number.
  2. Submissions to an  Agent or Publisher. Format should be as specified. Not what you think is nice, but exactly to their specifications.
  3. Version for PDF. This needs the paper size, gutter, header, footer and margins to suit the actual Printer (Press). Ideally it needs to be then converted from MS Word document to a PDF with all fonts and images embedded.
  4. Version for eBbook. This will be exported first to HTML, as internally all kinds of eBook related to HTML (the descriptions used for a Website page).