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Corvids -  These are Rooks, Ravens, Crows, Magpies, Jackdaws etc. Extremely smart, but lazy birds. Comparing brain size, they make dogs, horses and dolphins look like idiots. They can count and use tools.
eInk -  electrophoretic ink is a specific proprietary type of electronic paper. Unlike LCD or LED displays it works by reflecting light. It's the display closest to paper for electronic devices.
HEA -  Happy Ever After
POD -  Print on Demand. Instead of printing 1000 copies a paper copy is printed and bound when ordered.
Press -  Usually a printing company. Today includes electronic formatting as well as paper printing.
Vanity -  Publishers that make money from naive authors rather than from readers. Real publishers are marketing companies, vanity companies are only middle men between an author and a Printer (Press)
WIP -  Work In Progress. The title and plot might change. Characters may be named, it may be partial, or there might be a full first draft. No final proof reading.