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Privacy and Cookie Usage

Cookies are only used here if you log in and anonymously just for you if you post a comment. The public can’t log in. Only staff of Corvids Press can log in. Any cookies automatically put on your browser can be deleted because if you are not logged in (staff only) they are anonymous and don’t do anything. We don’t have any tracking of users either. That’s why we have no Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, Reddit etc buttons, as these are used to track people. Of course our logging will list IP addresses as these are not private, but we don’t give this to anyone. It’s used only to block IPs used in denial of service attacks or other hacking. We simply count times pages are accessed using a local script. We don’t even run google analytics as we  think that invades people’s privacy.

In summary there is no tracking by us or third parties. A cookie is used for login of actual users and also anonymously so you (only, no-one else) can see the comment you just posted till we read it.

Please note

  • We do not accept unsolicited material
  • We don’t purchase anything!
  • Any comment with a web link / URL is not read, it is marked as spam
  • No-one on the Internet  sees ANY comment, only the person posting it
  • We will prosecute people selling and spamming as it is misuse of the computer and forbidden
  • We log all IP addresses

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