Cover: Of North Blood Drawn

Of North Blood Drawn

C. J. Watterson

Magen is an outcast, exiled by his people, the mythical "North Ice-Islanders". Born without telepathy; he is abnormal, a regression. Conscripted as a Seaton Guard, he is ensnared in their 300 year interplanetary war with Es'stus.


A dark shadow dogs his steps. Ancient prophesy hangs over him. A spy sleeps. Expect a motley crew, action, witty banter, romance and some provoked thoughts. His arrival does not go unnoticed. The enigmatic Marshal Damoclus, guessing his unusual origin, makes him – "Swordmaster". This anachronistic position causes ripples to the highest level of command.

Striving to adapt to living in a foreign culture, Magen is determined to make his mark. Magen is "Of North Blood Drawn", that makes him different and slightly ties him in with some unfulfilled prophesies from several thousand years ago. The heros of old have left the job half done. A legend seems to be coming to life and has a more than a few loose ends. A red-haired girl in his squad has sword that sings – and turns her into a deadly berserker. He can't shake the feeling a shadow is watching him. He finds there are other, more ancient forces interested in his "qualities" and they watch to see what he may become…

…or what they can make him be. or Smashwords