C. J. Watterson


Magen Trilogy

The Author

Ciarán works as a Computer Engineer writing yards of code for an international chip manufacturer. After nearly ten years of working with and studying computers, his conclusion on the A.I. threat is that come the rise of the machines that they will probably destroy themselves through bugs ‘cleverly’ left by their designers. Our difficulty will be to survive without computers.

He began writing (human speak rather than machine code) in earnest when he realised that dull essay titles such as “What I did Last Summer” could be twisted to become any story. Stories played with Lego were used to knock out troublesome homework – the hard stuff that didn’t involve calculus. Surprised by strong results, one idle summer, he began writing a prologue. That expanded into book, and the book became the first part of a series. So ironically, “What I did Last Summer” was already prepared in advance.

Widely read and with an interest in all things technical, scientific and obscure, he draws from varied source material for his books. Influential authors are David Eddings, Terry Pratchett, Alexander Dumas, Clive Cussler, C. S. Lewis and how could we leave out, William Shakespeare (more particularly Shakespeare’s Macbeth, please don’t quote random plays and expect me to finish it). Of course – he doesn’t write literature – he writes light-hearted, entertaining Sci-Fi/Fantasy tempered with occasional serious notes. He doesn’t claim originality, everything comes from something and nothing comes from nothing.

If you recognise something from your favourite films, TV shows or books, well, that can only be a good thing – right?