Wolf, Wizard, Fire, Golem (Fabled Hearts Book 1)

This is fantasy as you know it, and fantasy stranger still. In this Fabled Hearts compilation there are four main stories and no less than eight short stories all set in snowy Elcon, a world that pays lip service to rules of reality and Kigan, a leaf-covered world where magic is motion, the motion forming patterns.

In Howl, Sing, Rock, Sand one of the last of the Fire Howlers, the elconic wolves who sing fire, is forced to make a final choice about her future, to continue as she has been, or to face the Firelord, who desires to snuff out all flames other than his own! A tale of choices and responsibility!

With Dark Wizard, Cursed we join a changeling and his struggle to break the curse that was cast on him by a powerful Dark Wizard, yet something is amiss. Why was he merely cursed and not slain? He delves into the shadows of Kigan to find the truth! A tale of confusion and revelation!

Returning to Elcon, we have The Little Fire that Could, where a fire awakens to life deep underground and quickly finds himself escorting one of the weakest of elconic denizens! A tale of bravery and kindness!

Finally we have The Remnant Golem. In Kigan a mismatched golem that was completely forgotten awakens to will. This golem seeks its makers, and wonders at the past of the place it awoke in. On this Golem’s journey however, it encounters many that wish to claim it for their own. A tale of curiosity and selflessness!

This is the first compilation of Fabled Hearts, a site with many such weird and wonderful fantastical fantasy stories.

Fabled Hearts

Fabled Hearts is a collection of web based serialised stories on Elconic. It has a new episode twice a week!

Fabled Hearts launched on the 8th of November 2013.

There are two main themes or collections: Tunnelverse and Motionverse


There are many dimensional tunnels that run through worlds and dimensions. The Train runs on tracks in some of these tunnels, and monstrous beings like the Big Mouths prowl the nigh endless ways. There are four lands that have more direct connections to this meta-dimension. Snowy Elcon, Blazing Korund, Vibrant Faror and the Ludicrously Damp Bluville. The author mainly focuses on Elcon for these stories, which tend to be silly in nature. All of the author’s settings are connected to this one.


Kigan’s sky is covered by the branches of the Anchor Tree Yaibggael, who’s fruits are that world’s stars and their sun and moon, Ollan and Nanlach. Kigan has one more sun and moon, ones not borne of the Anchor Tree. Blood red Relhs the prison of torment and Golden Vlahros seen as paradise by many.The roots of Yaibggael descend deep past Urlbris, the mazerealm where the once dead face trials, and into the very heart of the planet. There is however another side to Kigan, to those that know how or those that slip, fall or are pulled the right way, a mirror, a shadow or a dream can lead one to the obscure realm of Awarth. A realm of shadows, dreams and reflections. The stories are basically in the vein of the Oz series, but with even less humans.

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