Science Fiction

Talents Universe Series

The “Talents Universe” are all stories connected by characters with the mysterious Talent, of which there are seven kinds, or with some involvement of the Caemorian Empire, a world 80,000 light years away from Earth (Tellus) on the other side of the Milky Way. Apart from Jump Drive for the starships and the psychic like Talent, the Science Fiction attempts to be compatible with known science.

Circle College Caemoria, (c) M.Watterson

Circle College campus, Caemoria.

Mostly involving the activities of the Caemorian Empire, a single planet 80,000 light years from Earth. They are about 5,000 years more advanced. Their culture dominates nearly a third of the Milky Way. Anyone developing Talent, always at puberty, must be trained in the Circle College on Caemoria.

Many of the stories involve Maisie Kelly from Ireland the only person from Earth with the special Talent. The time scale is contemporary, and as we didn’t notice any giant starship visiting, it must be an alternate reality?

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The Celtic Otherworld Series

The “Celtic Otherworld” stories are inspired by Celtic, Irish, Scandinavian and Norse legend and are set more or less contemporaneously usually with some connection to Irish or English places.

Court grave, Lough Gur, Ireland. (c) M. Watterson

Contemporary travel to Otherworlds mentioned in Celtic Myth and Legend. Meet the Tuath Dé, Sióg, Aés Sidhe, Elves and Faerie. Also set in Limerick, Ireland and Wychavon, England.

Unlike Greek and Roman myth, there are many Celtic ‘Otherworlds’ that appear to be magical and often inhabited by the Fair Folk (Fay, Fairy, Sióg) or sometimes the Tuath Dé (later called Tuatha De Danann). They are not realms of the dead. The oldest Norse legends have many similar aspects to the oldest Celtic myths. Apart from Valhalla, Asgard isn’t a place of the dead.

Manannán Mac Lir led the Tuath Dé away to the Otherworld over 2,500 years ago. Except for them it’s been more like 600 due to the time-slip. Not all the portals (often at Court Graves, Raths and other ancient Irish sites) have been closed. Any Enchanter can open one. Today Tuath Dé culture is a crazy mix of Mediaeval to 19th Century.

Most involve Alice, also called Eilis, who lived in rural Co. Limerick till age thirteen.

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Restoring The Talismans

Jorath and his sister Joranna join the Resistance on the Isle of Amrat. They need to find the seven talismans and avoid capture by demoniacally inspired oppressors.

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