Under the Stone of Destiny

Ray McCarthy

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Under the Stone of Destiny

Ray McCarthy

Celtic Otherworld I

Four teenagers are trying to end the ruinous war. They are a human, a runaway Elf Princess, a Dryad Mage and Dwarf Wizard. Or at least that’s what Kevin, the student magus thinks they are.

Most of the action is on a legendary Celtic Otherworld, in Magh Meall where all the Tuath Dé live. Out of food and close to despair in the mountains they are told to wait for another companion by Corbie, the rook Familiar of Dean David, from the Magi College.

The cover is edited from a detail of Miranda, The Tempest, by John William Waterhouse.

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Originally written during July & August 2015 with parts in 1996.

Title: Under the Stone of Destiny

Author: Ray McCarthy

Series: Celtic Otherworld

Copyright © 2015, 2020 by Ray McCarthy and M. Watterson

Version 1.29

Smashwords eBook ISBN: 9781370168217


Also published by Corvids Press

Corvids Press epub ISBN: 9781801020701

Large Print ISBN: 9781801020145

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Large paperback ISBN: 9781801020282

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BISAC: Fiction / Fantasy / Action & Adventure

About 77,200 words

The Celtic Otherworld

Contemporary travel to Otherworlds is mentioned in Celtic myth and legend. Meet the Tuath Dé, Sióg, Aés Sidhe, Elves and Faerie. Also set in Limerick, Ireland and Wychavon, England.